About Us

A Proud Legacy

TDM was founded when Peter Scharf, who had been working for a construction company, asked his employers if he could hire a small workshop from them and manufacture and sell joinery requirements as an independent supplier.

They agreed, and with a with a start-up capital of just R200 and a workshop of 45m2, Pinewood Industries was founded in New Germany, Pinetown.

In 1971 Peter’s brother, Helmuth, joined him in the business, and together they changed the company name to TDM (Timber Door Manufacturers).

TDM Founder, Helmuth Scharf
TDM Founder, Helmuth Scharf

TDM started to see real growth in 1978, when they entered the export market, supplying doors to England, Germany, France and Belgium. To keep up with production, they purchased 10 hectares of vacant land in Pietermaritzburg and over three years relocated the entire operation to the premises in Willowton.  

TDM has continued to advance in their production methods and product design over the years and is now a major manufacturer of doors, timber, poles and particle board, with a national presence throughout the country. 

In 2017, Montigny, Swaziland acquired a majority share in the company. TDM is proud to present its new growth plans under the control of the Montigny Group.