Using Bright Colours for Your Doors

Property owners from all walks of life choose different colours and designs for their doors to illustrate their styles and complement their daily lives. With so many different style requirements, there are many types of doors available on the market. Some prefer keeping it rustic and natural, while others prefer using bright colours for their doors.

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Popular wooden doors in South Africa

We have been manufacturing the very best quality wooden doors in South Africa since 1961. Since our inception, we have grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of excellent quality and innovative wooden doors in the country, with the accreditation and reputation to back that claim. Let us look at some of our popular products.

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Handy Tips for Installing Door Frames

A door needs to have some good heft to it. When the door is installed properly, it closes tightly and quietly and doesn’t swing open on its own. It also means that the door has been trimmed to leave a tiny gap next to the jamb. Another important aspect to wooden door installation is that you mark the hardware location.

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Protecting Wooden Doors from Water Damage

Perhaps one of your best and first defenses against water damaged doors is to partner with leading door manufacturers in South Africa that produce quality and durable doors. Despite our best efforts, accidents do happen. Whether it is a burst geyser, a freak flooding or damage from rain or hail, sometimes wooden doors just suffer through much more water than it was intended to handle.

All is not lost!

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Tips for Fixing Doors

Having a broken or loose door can be very agitating. Many people think they have to wait for professional carpenters or handy men to come repair them, but this is not true. You can repair your own doors today. Here are a few tips to help you in repairing the two most common issues home owners have with doors.

Fixing loose doors
When a door is rattling, it means the door stop or even the strike is not tight enough. To fix this, you need a utility knife so that you can cut through the paint seal. Then put a wooden block against the door and hammer it gently towards the door for a tighter fit. To prevent this from happening again

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Tips for flawless wooden door installations

A door provides safety, security and privacy for your property and family. It would be best to have a wooden door installations expert like us to install them for you, but not to worry, if you cannot do this you can install the doors by yourself. Here are a few tips on wooden door installations to help you install wooden doors like a pro.

The first and most important aspect of installing doors is making sure that you have the correct measurements of the door frame before your door is cut. If the door is cut too small, that cannot be reversed, and will be a complete waste of money.

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