Protecting Wooden Doors from Water Damage

Perhaps one of your best and first defenses against water damaged doors is to partner with leading door manufacturers in South Africa that produce quality and durable doors. Despite our best efforts, accidents do happen. Whether it is a burst geyser, a freak flooding or damage from rain or hail, sometimes wooden doors just suffer through much more water than it was intended to handle.

All is not lost! Don’t give up and discard the door automatically. Here are a few things you can do to protect wooden doors from water damage immediately after being exposed to water:

• Remove the door from pooling water;
• Dry the wood by scrubbing away moisture, and use a dehumidifier or fan to get rid of any lingering moisture in the wood; and
• Remove steel from the door where possible, as it might not only stain the wood, but could also be harboring water.

Invest in Quality Doors from Leading Door Manufacturers in South Africa
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