Tips for Fixing Doors

Having a broken or loose door can be very agitating. Many people think they have to wait for professional carpenters or handy men to come repair them, but this is not true. You can repair your own doors today. Here are a few tips to help you in repairing the two most common issues home owners have with doors.

Fixing loose doors
When a door is rattling, it means the door stop or even the strike is not tight enough. To fix this, you need a utility knife so that you can cut through the paint seal. Then put a wooden block against the door and hammer it gently towards the door for a tighter fit. To prevent this from happening again, install a weather-stripping that is particularly resistant around the door’s perimeter.

Fixing a hole in a hollow-core door
If you have a hollow-core door that has a hole, this can be repaired, but if the hole is too serious, you might want to consider buying a new door altogether as hollow-core doors are not that expensive in the first place. Otherwise, to fill the hole, you will need the spray foam insulation to fill the hole. After allowing it to expand for a while; leave it to dry overnight and cut off the excess. Sand the area, prime and paint.

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